The Book

Profitable and MoralA basic dilemma confronting today’s manager is how to be both profitable and moral. Pursuing profits through immoral means (such as by deceiving investors or customers) cannot be sustained in the long term. Likewise, being “moral” while losing money is inconsistent with the purpose of business.

According to conventional morality, both goals cannot be achieved at the same time: either a business manager maximizes profits and necessarily compromises on morality, or necessarily sacrifices profits in order to be moral.

This book shows that this is a false dichotomy, and offers rational egoism as an alternative moral code for guidance to thinking managers who want to be both profitable and moral. It dismisses both altruism and cynical egoism as untenable guides to business and demonstrates through logical argument and several examples how applying principles such as rationality, productiveness, honesty, justice, and pride lead to long-term self-interest.