Table of Contents

Introduction: How to Be Profitable and Moral

Which Ethics? • Overview

Values as End Goals, Principles as Road Maps

The Necessity of Pursuing Values: An Issue of Life and Death • The Necessity of Guiding Principles: Why Acting on the Spur of the Moment is Harmful • Moral Principles are    Contextual—But Not Relative

Why Egoism

The Principle of Self-Interest • Human Nature as the Gauge of Value • Why
Happiness Cannot Be the Standard of Value

Rationality as the Primary Virtue

Thinking as the Main Means of Survival—and of Being Moral • The Virtue of  Rationality in Business • What Rationality Requires in Thinking and in Action •
The Role of Emotions • Guarding against Irrationality • Applying Rationality


Material and Spiritual Benefits of Productiveness • Productive Work Requires
Thinking and Action • What about Rest and Retirement? • Guarding against
“Unproductiveness” • Applying Productiveness


Why Is Honesty Egoistic? • Honesty in Thinking and Action • Guarding against
Dishonesty • Applying Honesty


Justice in Thinking • Justice in Action • Justice as Contextual • Justice as Trade • Guarding against Injustice • Applying Justice


Relevance of Independence in Business • Independence in Thinking • Independence in Action • Guarding against Second-handedness • Applying Independence


Relevance of Integrity in Business • Integrity in Thinking and Action • When Integrity Fails and How to Guard against Such a Failure • Applying Integrity


Relevance of Pride in Business • Pride in Thinking and Action • Pride as Contextual • Humility as Anti-Virtue and How to Guard against It • Applying Pride

Common Misconceptions about Egoism

Selfishness (and Greed) • Charity • Conflicts of Interest

The Social Context of Business: Capitalism, Rights, Government, and the Current Reality

Production, Trade and Their Proper Social Context: Capitalism • Individual Rights •    Initiation of Physical Force as Evil • The Role of Government • The Current Reality

How to Pursue Rational Self-Interest in a Mixed Economy

Defending Business to Create a More Pro-Business Environment • Running a Business and Resolving Moral Dilemmas Objectively


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